About Underflow


Underflow is an epic journey into the depths of alien world, where player commands group of microbots and guides their evolution. Experience unique tactical gameplay within the beautiful ocean environment. In this game, life is power. Literally. Life of a microbot is converted to attack power. Use this power to neutralize enemy and convert neutralized enemy to fight at your side.

Ammunition is Life

Take your life literally into yours hand
as you channel your own energy into your weapons to attack.

Nothing is Destroyed

Repair and capture destroyed enemy units and
send powerful squads to assault their bases.

Explore an Alien World

Search the dark and forgotten corners of a fallen culture
in an underwater alien world overflowing
with strange corals and mysterious ruins.

You Control the Outcome

The end of the story depends upon which
of the strange artificial lifeforms you ally with…
and the price you're willing to pay to achieve their goals.


What is this game?
Is there a base building?
On which platforms you are going to release Underflow?
What engine do you use?
Is there a story?
Does it have multiplayer?

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